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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good night. a dreadser caught an camera. and one man dead, a six- year.
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now new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. tonight a driveway disaster and it was caught an camera. a couple working on their car when an out of control driver slammed into them and takes off. and new information, cops searching for clues. one man dead, a six-year-old girl recovering from a bullet wound. good evening at 11:00 o'clock. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. shots rang out in a neighborhood. >> we have new details on the victims. >> reporter: police towing this what it honda sedan with a smashed driver side window while searching for clues through the night after gunshots rang out in front of this home. a six-year-old girl and his nine-year-old daughter were playing outside when bullets started flying.
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killing a man in his 20, hitting a woman, and the little girl. he says seven shots his house. then three men drove up in a fire. it's unclear who the injured woman is. she suffered minor injuries and was treated on scene. a neighbor that didn't wish to be identified said the male victim is not from around here. he heard the shots and went over to help the little girl. she was shot in the leg with the bullet passing through. >> when you see the shot in the leg, i'm not sure if it was one or two. when somebody shoot her shoot fell centimeter ground. >> reporter: the neighborhood is known for the gang activity, and this is not the first shooting on the block. a poster offers reward money for a shooting back in office. >> this is what i come home to every day. >> there should be a cop on
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especially in this area where there's constant shootings. >> reporter: there have been no arrests made in the shooting so far, but police say they know who the shooter is, and they'ring looing for him. the identities of the victims haven't been released yet, but the girl is expected to be okay. thank you. a somber gathering in the bronx to remember a young girl and her grandfather killed while trick or treating. there were wake services for the girl and her grandfather who were killed on halloween when a car jumped the curb and killed them. guests are asked to where her favorite cory to the funeral tomorrow, sky blue. and an out of control car plows into a driveway, and into two parked cars, under the cars a couple doing work on them.
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day for a labor of love, newly obtained surveillance video shows the couple working on their 74 chevrolet nova, their grand son riding around playing. >> if anything happened to him, any of my grand kids. >> reporter: now hobbled with injury, the palmers are struggling to understand what happened sunday. you can see the car clipping one of their cars before plowing into their driveway and broadsiding the 3500-pound nova that moved seven feet, nearly winding upright on top of bryan. >> i never work on it in the street because i'm afraid to get hit, you thought you'd be safe in your driveway. >> reporter: the car it can too off, and -- took off, and the
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police found the driver who admitted he had no license, and the insurance insurance company claims they'll cover $10,000 in opportunity damage, the nova, now heavily damaged is worth 40. >> i get frustrated because we do everything right, and we have enough to cover anything that would happen that we would cause, but yet other people don't have it and they get a slap on the hand and say okay done. >> reporter: thanks to the family security camera footage police tracked down the car, and when they did they say the driver said he fled out of panic because he didn't have a license. he's facing charges now of leaving the scene. he's been let out on $5,000 bond. we have new information in a possible motive in a vicious attack on a new york city correctional officer. the attack was in retaliation
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wednesday. two teen inmates are charged in the attack. choke hold while another slashed him in the head, face, and wrist. security at the prison now increased. a truck driver killed tonight by an amtrak train headed to new york city. the crash happened in alabama. it was going from new orleans truck. it was unclear why the vehicle was on the tracks. no one on the train was hurt. a grim consensus that a bomb most certainly brought down the russian airliner in egypt. they tell abc news the plane crashed because of a bomb near the fuel tank, and black box data indicates the sound of an explosion as well. it prompts new us security measures from airports in the
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middle east headed to the us, including pat down, and swabbing for explosive residue. passengers welcome the added security. >> it's great to be informed of different ways to update security. fine, that's no problem. >> russia suspended all flights to egypt today, the crash not yet conclusive though. republican presidential candidate ben carson on the hot seat saying he was never granted admission to west point. he's lashing out slamming reporters for asking him questions about the inaccurate story he's repeated several times. for years he says he was offered a if you ever scholarship to the military academy when he was an rotc cadet, and he calls the probe a witch hunt. >> all you guys trying to pile on is actually going to help me
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because when i go out to book signings, i see these thousands of people they say don't let the media get you down. >> carson is also calling out the media for questioning his claims about his violent behavior as a teen, including an attempted stabbing. and folks in upper manhattan angry about business booming in certain area, because valet parking services are popping uptaking valuable parking space, and they're ticked. >> too many car, not enough space. >> reporter: it's an on going battle in inwood between people in the neighborhood and valet company, stealing already too few parking spaces. >> it's saturated, john
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>> reporter: parking has -- congested. >> reporter: parking has become space, and valets illegally parking cars on the street, and clogging other free spaces. >> they park them on the street or double park them or park them on sidewalk, and this has become very common. you know, the rare parking spots in new york city. >> reporter: others say it takes up to an hour on a given night just to find an open space. >> me and my dad both experienced that on any given night. >> reporter: people living here would like to see police more heavily enforce the parking rules for the company, and they've expressed concerns before. >> it's become such an issue in the community, applications for liquor licenses, part of inquire in the application is about what are you doing about parking. >> reporter: we did reach out to several valet companies used
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none responded before air. a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, the yankees pitcher sabbathia stepping out in public for the first time since rehab. he appeared in times square for the if i have tie the game annual -- fifth annual rules party. he left the team just before the world series, and soak about his -- spoke about his decision to seek treatment. >> i had a chance to hit the reset button, and wanted to do the right thing. >> the scariest, but also the proudest day when we went into rehab. >> reporter: several yankees, including beltran came out to support him tonight. he says the support is great, and leapts him know he made the right chase. >> we wish him well. record warm weather today, but things are changing. more seasonal in time for the weekend.
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lee goldberg is in the weather center. >> it's like a late summer night after record high, broke some at jfk and other places. it's still 70 at 11:00 o'clock, but a cold front is going through now. the west of the forecast -- rest of the forecast is coming up. a woman driving down the road when a wooden post comes crashing through her windshield. tonight she tells us about her
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firefighter goes into family we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities aarp is creating across the five boroughs. because if you don't think real possibilities in new york city when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". we're working with you to make new york city a better place to live, work, and play. fighting for you by taking on the issues that matter and rediscovering the city with you at discounted events all around town.
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one of the most diverse history. four women, the most ever, bringing the number of female city.
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fdny has also come a long way. 40 percent of today's class made up of minorities. that's progress for the new york city fire department. tonight we'll take a closer look at one of today's graduate. he's following in the footsteps of his father, a firefighter who nearly died battling a house fire years ago. one day after returning to the job came september 11th. tim was one of the victims, but on this night his son steps into his boots. >> reporter: nearly 300 new firefighters sworn in today. the 150th anniversary class. every one of them with some kind of back story, but none perhaps like brendan. he wanted to be a firefighter. >> since i was born. >> reporter: and today he did. just like his dad. who we knew well. not because of how he fought
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fire, but how he fought back. june 1998, four homes in brooklyn erupt in flames. more than 200 firefighters battled the flames. when tim got there he rushed in looking for people who were trapped. suddenly the second floor collapsed, and he was in fire. >> i remember excruciating pain. my legs and ankles were burned down to the bone, and i remember praying to god to just let me die bravely. >> reporter: two other firefighters did die in the inferno, but tim did not. what followed was three years of rehab. he didn't have to come back to work, but he didn't stay away. he returned to the job, promoted to captain. his first day september 10th, 2001. the next day the world trade center, and tim was killed. and that brings us to today when tim's son, just nine when his dad died, becomes like his father.
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a new york firefighter. emotional to be sure. his mother is thrilled, but her son is trying to be calm. like a firefighter. >> i think he'd be proud, but i think he'd say this is a small step in a long journey ahead. >> we know he'd be proud. recovering in the burn center we saluted him and his wife, and tonight we salute their son. and he's assigned to the same fire house in brooklyn where his dad started years ago. >> very special story. thanks. we're hearing tonight from the driver that literally stared death in the face, this close to a wooden post in her windshield. she was driving in massachusetts earlier this week. we showed the picture of what happened. the post came within inches of going right through her head. >> >. it was so fast.
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about it or oh, it's coming at me. >> it could have been a disaster, and all i have to deal with is a broken windshield, and you know, some minor damage to the car, so very, very fortunate. >> police say the four by four fell off another vehicle, a semi truck ahead of her car ran over the post, and sent it right into her windshield. and record high temperatures did not stop ice skaters today from showing up at bryant park tonight. short leave scatters, and one -- skaters, and one popped the question. she said yes. of course. get out of here you maniacs. that's great. >> now the ice will really melt [ laughter ] >> it was just lovely out there. look at all the people outside the studios. >> right, nothing like it. and the cool down will be gradual.
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harsh chill or anything, and then the dryness during the day, and then tomorrow night you'll know november is back. shorts tee shirt, flip flop, unbelievable tonight. the temperature at 70. humidity at 76. a west wind at 15, is that changed -- so that changed from a southwest wind. there's the record high tying. filtered sun tomorrow. today was the warmest of the week. 70 degree, the last name that happened was 1994. still mild at sun rise, and temperatures won't move much during high clouds and the dryness of the air will make it cooler with a northwest wind. noticeably cooler tomorrow night, 30s north and west, nice and normal sunday, and freezing
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it was toasty today, 80 in washington dc. cool air starting to work in from the north and west. the winds have shifted, and as we go through the day tomorrow you'll see a lot of high clouds around, filtered sunshine at best, and low and middle 50s. here's the cold front, but notice the tail end of the cold front is getting hung up off to the south and west, putting on the brakes and slowing down, and along that is a wave of low pressure, and look how far back the clouds are. we have to deal with a lot of cloudiness, but the cold air comes in gradually, so tomorrow morning stuff feels mild, filtered sun, clouds go out during the day, central and southern new jersey during the day. low to mid-60s off to the
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tomorrow night and sunday morning, and sunday has bright sunshine, visibility great. partly cloudy skies, above 61 limited sun, cooler, a touch of 63 to 65. much cooler tomorrow night. west. beautiful sunday at 57. monday, chilly to start, but a nice recovery in the afternoon. near freezing in the morning. the shower threat tuesday, a lot of that stays offshore, not a wash out, and we'll continue to warm up, and an veterans day that could be the warmest day of the week. mid to upper-60s. after that a couple of showers thursday. coming up next, great news,
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in tonight's health alert, can't stay away from junk food? well your genes could be to blame. a new study from imperial college in london found two gene variations for craving high calorie foods over locale radio foods. it could lead to new treatments for obesity. and another study about junk food from cornell staying
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cause of obesity. they found eating fast foods, candy, and soda didn't correlate with higher body mass index, instead the real blame lies with american's overall bad eating habit, particularly eating too much. one student taking matters into his own hands after his school bus driver didn't show up for work. they were going to be late for an important exam, so he stole a school bus, and drove everybody to class. oh, yeah, he was pulled over, he was fined, might be disciplined, but his fellow students made it to the exam on time. don't you like that? >> happy ending. kids don't try that at home. >> everything was fine from there [ laughter ] >> busy night, busy friday night. a little football, a little baseball, and then the hardwood
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it would be nice if the knicks got something going. >> now they have to start getting wins. they're fun to watch. they haven't won a game at home hoping a win tonight would get them in the game. the last time they played milwaukee, parker sat out. he was back for this one it's a one-point game by the half, and this is a signature shot there. 14 point, 13 rebounds.
11:29 pm
the way with 17, but they run out of gas. they still haven't won at the garden yet this season. now to brooklyn. who would get the first win of the season, the nets or lakers? this is the nets worst start in nets history, and the lakers started last year 0 and 5. lopez to the basket, 23 points and the nets have the lead. bryant took a while to heat up, but eventually he did, scoring 18 points. russell scores 16. johnson closes the gap, the nets were in it. three-point game. the nets called for a five- second violation on an inbound and give up the ball. that's 0-6, lakers one and four. big football weekend, the jet liners and jags at home -- jets get the jags at home.
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marshall, colon, all questionable. giants and tampa bay, pierre pall looked good this week, but don't know if he's active for the game until after tomorrow's practice. the yankees won't give qualifying officers to young and drew. they're all free agent, and as for the mets they made a qualifying offer to daniel murphy. $15.8million. he can take that, come back to the mets or test the free agent market. murphy in the spotlight a lot of playoffs. likely he'll poke around to see what else is out there. he has until next friday. and the rangers playing well, won three in a row for the second time this season. they get the equalizer here, nice passing, 1-1 second period. couple minutes later. lindberg making it look easy.
11:31 pm
and three-game home stand for the devils. playing well. late first period, off the draw, so quick. devils on top 2-0, and didn't let up. look at the passing. 4-0 lead in the second period. devils win it 4-2, winning seven of their last nine beating chicago for see curiosity become wonder, and winter become christmas.
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what are you doing this weekend? join the conversation and tell us on social media. all right you don't have to tell us. >> sade baderinwa doesn't want to know. >> that's it for u thanks for
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